Dongguan HaoFang Tool & Die Co., Ltd. utilizes high tech simulation software with our extensive experience to perform feasibility studies at an early stage, detects parts stress and wrinkle points, researches material behaviour during the stamping process and eliminate the negative impacts. Moreover, simulation enables us to accurately determine the volume of input material required, to optimize the material utilization and reduce lead times.


Our design engineers and tool makers work closely with customers to provide insight into the tooling standard which is the core of any projects, to design the robust tools according to the specifications of the series production items, that every design is carefully thought through and is well prepared for the next step machining, facilitating tool making and accelerating time to production.


According to the highest industrial standards, a knowledgeable team of CAM operators who use machining centers to machine 3D surfaces from solid math data. With the advanced technology, we can machine all die components to the tightest tolerances, so they fit precisely and perform exactly as promised. Our resources and facilities can handle the demands of multiple tooling projects, allowing us to deliver the highest quality in the shortest time.


The Assembling + Try out shop is equipped with four try out presses, which are able to exert a force of up to 800 tons. Together with our extensive know how, we guarantee that every tool we deliver is precise, accurate and ready for series production.